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Assby-sempai, do you ship Rome/Germania?

I do I do I recently bought a giant like nearly 200 paged doujin of them that I might share someday!

The very few doodly things I drew this last month or so 

Not a lot of fanart, just kinda working on OCs and I drew the characters in Oroonoko for a school project. Also there’s a lot of germania submissions in my box but I’m gonna let them pile up before I post them all!! THANK YOU GUYSS <3333

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Pretty Picture 1/2 

Modern Human AU

Little Gilbert wanted a group cosplay for Halloween, and it’s all Germania could do not to comment on his choice of costume… >.>

((Link here in case the photo thing didn’t work:

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Do you have a submit thingie...? I can't find one. OTL
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OriginalUpdateAsk!Anon: Fine, I'll send you some pretty pictures... Just gimme some time to draw them.


i’ll shall work while you work

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Sorry! I forgot to say that tumblr link in the last anon is for a Germania pic (funny one)

Wahh I think tumblr ate your ask…I didn’t get anything! try submitting it! 

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Not the last anon but I'll write you fatherly Germania drabbles with or without an update. Just because fatherly Germania is the best.


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Dude, update for Germania plz...?

trade you an update for cute fatherly germania drabbles/doodles to inspire me 


for Assby because school sucks and her darling femHRE is just too cute!



for Assby because school sucks and her darling femHRE is just too cute!



By popular demand after the release of APH Bavaria Guide, here is the APH Saxony Guide!

(arschbiene and glitterbender, just you two?)

I cannot express my gratitude enough for the gracious help and support from my beloved history buff artist friends: quindecim15 and druhkayris

Most information can be found on Saxony’s government website. History can be found in regular HRE books: * * *. If you have jstor, a vast number of Saxon related articles are available to read. And of course, there’s wikipedia.  

While it is less humourous (and text wall gets worse this time), I still hope you enjoy reading this like you did before with the Bavaria Guide. 

WAAHH Thnk you for the hard work!


Art Credit (please do not remove!)

[[ Inspired by dakki-so's Quick Guide on the German brothers. This is a detailed version for Bavaria. 

Because Bavaria only appeared twice with names, and possibly this guy in middle of the second panel, a good number of assumptions are taken historically, which are noted here. 

Please let me know if there is anything to fix on the slides. 

I hope you find this informative, and above all, enjoyable to read! Welcome to the world of Germans! ]]

WAAAHH I love these posts IT INSPIRES ME SO MUCH, especially Bavaria (nOT sWITZERLAND) being Austria’s sorta big bro forever makes me just want to go nuts, give me of these of Saxony and I’ll draw them nonstop.

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Miss Arschy, do you still ship Germancest?

I GOT LIKE TWO QUESTIONS LIKE THIS IN THE LAST..MONTH…is it because i’ve been drawing Femstria more… HMMMNNNNNN…….It’s kinda REALLY RUINED for me right now and I question if I ever really was a hardcore shipper or if i ever was allowed to ship on my terms, but I still enjoy them both as characters, and love fic and fanwork and doujin and junk together! But probably more platonic with a side of sometimes kinky sex. Definitely not one of my main interests at all right now but still a pairing I’m okay with!