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billion buzzing bees

Anonymous said: What do you think baby Germania was like?


You said baby but I drew like a youngish child lmao sorry. Rambling under the cut! 

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Anonymous said: Is there anything you wish you could draw?

My dogs, honestly ); I am not too great at drawing animals charmingly. Pics under the cut bc my dogs are beautiful and i want everyone to know

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I’m cleaning my files after like four months of ignoring them. Kinda not much since I went through a period of not drawin’ at all but still interesting to look at and see myself hammering things out. a little nsfwish at times

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Thank you, @denpasei for the opportunity to draw your robot children!!

Thank you, @denpasei for the opportunity to draw your robot children!!

just to let you guys know that commissions are puttering along slowly. My life turned a little upside down because my father recently passed away, my mother had major surgery for her cancer, and school just started, so there’s going to be a bit of delay for the next two big commissions.  The rest of  them are smaller ones, so those of you should get yours pretty quickly once these two large ones are done with.  I should have one commission complete this weekend and the rest will start to speedily follow. Thank you all for your patience so far and my apologies for the wait and silence! 


I have started a Go Fund Me to help pay for schooling.
Please help out to support an artist trying to better themselves.


Hey guys, my friend Sabs here is trying to further her artistic education and is crowd funding to meet her tuition costs. It’s only $322 and shes already halfway there! She’s an uber talented artist and her cosplays and dolls are always so impressive and beautiful and she really deserves this shot, so please signal boost her and donate if you can!

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Anonymous said: H ✩ A ✩ P ✩ P ✩ Y ✩ B ✩I✩R✩T✩H✩D✩A✩Y✩

wahh thank u anon i’m getitng old!!!!