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billion buzzing bees



Welcome to “wow I meant to open these back up after AX and now it’s October” Commission Post 2014!!!

Some general rules:

  • Payment is in USD and via Paypal only.
  • Keep it worksafe, please.  Trust me.  I have no business drawing porn.  If I’m uncomfortable with your request, I will refuse it.  Sorry.
  • I predominantly draw humans.  I’m not adverse to trying to draw machines or animals, but I feel like you need to be prepared for the fact that unless it’s from the Kirby series it’ll look… uh….
  • Please be able to provide reference if necessary.  I can google like a champ, but if you want me to draw something incredibly obscure or your OC, please have a reference ready!
  • Commissions are for screen resolution only.
  • Please specify what you want.  If you just say something like “please draw Kirby and King Dedede eating churros together” I don’t know whether you want it as a simple sketch or a full-blown picture!  Be specific on which category.

For additional samples of my art, feel free to look through this blog!  For sprites, feel free to check here.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at meakarts♪gmail.com, replacing the ♪ with the proper symbol, of course.  Additional information is here, but if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail me or shoot me an ask.  Additionally, feel free to check out my storenvy for any AA stuff I’ve done!

Thank you very much for your time, even if you just reblog this and don’t want anything!

my lovely talented friend is taking commissions, come check her out uvu

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I just wanted to share this picture of my dog using her fattest puppy as her personal pillow.

I just wanted to share this picture of my dog using her fattest puppy as her personal pillow.





Done it ^q^

and booking page


To anybody want my fanbook.

Email me your address (local language) and paypal, before pay it I’ll send you the express number for check.



1) Leave Quindecim an ask / fanmail with info, get in contact

2) Pay with Paypal after she sends you the proof of shipment

3) !!!! Profit !!!!

Get it Get it get it 

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Anonymous said: The PruAus Queen :3a



okay i can readily accept this, though i’m not sure if the pruaus princess agrees i will have to get her approval we might have to go to war for dominance

um, excuse. you’re like pruaus duke, max


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Anonymous said: The PruAus Queen :3a

okay i can readily accept this, though i’m not sure if the pruaus princess agrees i will have to get her approval we might have to go to war for dominance

my babies had babies! I have not slept nor eaten a thing and i am on the brink of collapsing! Kiki (on top) had two little healthy female puppies!


Alright, I never really wanted things to end up like this, but I’ll be blunt:

A little over a week ago our fence blue down for no other reason than Mother Nature dealing us a shitty hand via a huge storm. Several of the posts have snapped in half, so it can’t easily be pushed back up, either.

This is bad for a few reasons: on top of the concerns about theft and the fact that the fence pieces are currently in our neighbor’s space, my family keeps several dogs, one of whom needs to exercise daily as our vet said she would most likely die if she didn’t lose weight. Our neighborhood also has a lot of issues with coyotes wandering about at night; we’ve already seen our yard trashed with a rabbit carcass strewn around since the fence blew down.

Our insurance agreed to pay some of it, but the deductible is still more than my family can afford at the moment, and as of right now (a week after the storm), it’s still down as we’re having difficulties finding a good price. I’m not asking for help in paying it. That said, there’s a few basic expenses that need to be taken care of that I’d prefer my family not have to worry about while we deal with this bullshit.

My goal is to cover gas and groceries for one month, along with getting my brother’s prescription refilled and one of our credit card bills. In particular, I need roughly $30 by tomorrow in order to get this bill paid on time. Anything more than my target will most likely be used for paying additional bills, but I’ll keep you guys updated with where the money is going.

You can send donations over to my paypal at dizzydances@gmail.com. If you’d like, I can’t draw art or anything, but I can send you a small gift (I make jewelry and still have some supplies left, or I can send seeds if you’re in the US and like to garden) or maybe write something in return.

Thank you for your time-


I’ll be gone from tumblr for maybe one-two weeks because 1. my dog is having puppies in like ANY DAY NOW, it’s midterms, LOTS FOF HOMEWORK, and i am working hard on another big commission. A reminder that the smaller commissions will come much faster after this!! See ya’ll on the opposite side of the shore.

Anonymous said: Your Bavaria is cute! Is there a grown-up version?

Nabi gives him a buttchin and I really like that. I like to give him a tendency towards freckles because there are too many god damn short haired blonds. He’s the one who coaxed a very drunk Prussia into Lederhosen because Prussia gave him a beer he had backwashed into and that’s disgusting. Idk much about bavaria but I like to think he had bad skin and is secretly worried about his hair thinning because it doesn’t grow lmao.

Anonymous said: Okay, I know bringing this up MIGHT piss you off, but... I'm really proud of you! Finally blocking out someone who's been abusive and just downright NOT considerate is a wonderful thing someone can do. Others out there just won't, but you did, and even if it took a while, I'm so so SO happy you did! You deserve every good thing that happens in your life; whether it's something small like a rainy day or something big like a new friend. ^^ Good job, love!

ahhh, I’m not pissed off at all!! I’m sorry if I’m coming across as uber grouchy about stuff.  I’m just having a bad day today. Thank you for the kind words, anon. It was literally the hardest, yet the best thing I ever did for myself.  I think I can say for the first time in a long time, I have happiness, good company and peace. I encourage anyone who is in a toxic friendship to reevaluate if that person is worth all that strife, and to take the steps to remove themselves from a bad situation where no one is happy because life is too short to deal with someone else’s bullshit, honestly.

Anonymous said: I don't know what happened with AshDoucheland but I hope you're feeling okay! It was totally not okay of that anon to ask about it.

wahh i’m fine, I’m having a good day, thank you, anon. that’s just really one of my buttons that i really don’t appreciate being prodded anonymously about bc it’s honestly ad nausuem levels by now.

Anonymous said: Sorry, You don't have to answer this if it's too personal- I saw on your Prussia askblog that you aren't associated with AskDoucheland anymore? Why not?

if you know it’s a personal question why even ask it and especially why would you ask it anonymously so I don’t even have the option to answer privately lol?? 


Written for arschbiene (because her artwork is hella awesome and lovely).


The ocean was a dimpled mess. Darkened bits mixing with the spots of reflected sunlight, like pieces of broken glass. Clouds were rolling in from the horizon — big, fluffy, and dark. There would be a storm for sure, later. They were going to have to travel with caution. Gilbert shouted at his men to be prepared, he was turning the ship. The wood creaked and a wind filled out his clothes. He could smell the adventure.

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